Since the days of dental school education, the methods our doctors take to remove teeth in preparation for dental implants have changed dramatically.  The emphasis is on minimizing trauma to the gum and bone tissues which results in more predictable healing for the patient.  If the gum and socket of bone around the roots of the tooth are injured at the time of tooth extraction, the body loses critical cells and blood supply for rebuilding the jawbone.  When this occurs, the site often heals poorly and can result in the need for additional grafting procedures prior to implant placement.  Through careful management of the tooth during extraction and the application of selected grafting materials and barrier membranes to the site implants can be successfully and predictably placed by our doctors at Tampa Bay Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, either at the time of tooth extraction or following a short healing period.

One of the major technological advancements has come with the introduction of the Easy X-Trac System®.  Utilizing a mechanism similar to a corkscrew opener for a wine bottle, this device allows our doctors to remove your tooth without any tilting or twisting movements by using an internal screw and lever arm system.  The tooth is slowly removed without any damage to the gum or bone tissue.  This dramatically decreases post-traumatic swelling and pain.  The technology enables many patients to receive immediate implantation and often immediate provisionalization after extractions.

There are some teeth (primarily molar teeth) in which the Easy X-Trac System® cannot yet be applied.  For these scenarios, our doctors utilize other technologies and techniques to minimize trauma to the bone and soft tissues around the roots of the teeth.  The goal is to minimize trauma while preserving the tissues so that a dental implant can be successfully and predictably placed in the future.

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