In many cases single or multiple implants can be placed at the time of tooth extraction. With careful preparation of the extraction socket, any lost bone is reconstructed and the implant is placed where the previous tooth was located. This saves time, minimizes the number of surgical procedures and speeds up the healing process. If you think immediate implants might be right for you, please call us for a consultation.

If you will be having a tooth extracted that is in the front, we make sure that you have a temporary tooth so that you have an immediate temporary replacement fabricated by your dentist or Tampa Bay Periodontics and Implant Dentistry. Our doctors will place the appliance so that your appearance will not be disturbed. For patients that have never worn a removable appliance, there is typically an adjustment period to the new appliance.

In select cases, not only can we extract the tooth and place the implant at the same time, but our doctors can place a connector (abutment) on the implant so that a temporary crown can be connected to the implant that same day.  At the time of your evaluation, we can determine if you may be a candidate for this immediate implant with immediate provisionalization procedure.

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