Straumann Implant Information

  1. Straumann Dental Implant System Restorative Selection Guide – Handy guide to the available restorative components and their part numbers for the various Straumann implant lines.
  2. Assembly Instructions for Ratchet and Torque Control Device – Instructions for the straumann torque wrench
  3. Bone Level Regular Connection (RC) Customized Impression Post Fabrication  – Utilized to capture the subginvial contour created with a temporary crown and abutment so that it can be mimicked with a custom abutment and final crown.  Especially helpful for cases that have been immediately provisionalized at the time of extraction and implant placement.  Note:  The original document, obtained from the University of Florida Center for Implant Dentistry, has been modified with red notations by our team.  In order to print the notations you must select to print the “Document and Markups” from the your print menu.
  4. Fabricating a Screw or Cement Reatained Temporary on Vita CAD-Temporary Abutments
  5. Fabricating a Temporary on Temporary PEEK Abutment
  6. Solid Abutment Torquing and Impression Step-by-Step Instuctions – For tissue level implants only, regular neck and wide neck.  This technique is only for NON-MODIFIED solid abutments.  If our office has torqued the abutment in place for you, you will start with step 13.
  7. Syn-octa Closed Tray Impression Instructions – For tissue level implants only, regular or wide neck.
  8. Provisional Technique for Solid Abutment (Tissue Level implants, regular neck and wide neck)
  9. Bone Level Implants Closed Tray Implant Level Impression Technique Guide
  10. Bone Level Implants Open Tray Implant Level Impression Technique Guide
  11. Bone Level Implant Cementable Abutment (Abutment Level) Impression Technique Guide

 Straumann Patient Brochures

  1. Patient Brochure
  2. Yes, Dental Implants Brochure
  3. Spanish Patient Brochure 

​Technique Guides

  1. Hybrid Cemented Screw Retained Crown
  2. Technique For Controlling the Cement for an Implant Crown – 2009 Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry article by Wadhwani and Piñeyro highlighting a method to decrease the amount of cement extruded into the subgingival area during implant crown cementation.