Immediate Implant Provisionalization

Dental implants have progressed to the ultimate in tooth replacement. In many instances, our doctors are able to place an implant immediately upon the removal of a tooth and even create a temporary on the implant in the same visit. Our doctors have been performing immediate restorations on implants for greater than 15 years and considers it one of the most gratifying procedures performed in our practice.  The psychological impact of having an esthetic tooth replacement that stays in your mouth while the implant heals cannot be understated.

The benefits of immediate implants are clear. The conventional method of therapy involves the removal of a tooth, then a healing period of 4-6 months prior to implant placement. Following an additional 6-8 weeks, the implant can be finally restored with a crown. A temporary removable appliance is worn during this healing process.

Whereas, a patient with a temporary tooth created on an immediate implant will have an esthetic tooth restoration the day the tooth is lost. Importantly, an immediately placed implant and temporary preserves the tissues and prevents the natural collapse of the jaw bone which is seen immediately following the removal of a tooth.

Real Patient Case

When she heard the news she was frozen with fear.  The tenderness she had felt when biting on her front tooth was aggravating but she couldn’t imagine that a crack in the root system would mean the tooth would need to be removed.  Her dentist suggested she see Tampa Bay Periodontics and Implant Dentistry to discuss her options for a dental implant replacement.

After an evaluation and careful planning, our doctors confirmed that there was a good possibility of removing her tooth, placing an implant into the extraction site and placing a temporary restoration on it at the same appointment.  A few days later her tooth was removed in about three minutes with a special device that screwed into the root and gently lifted it out of its socket like a wine opener would remove a cork. Our doctors inserted the implant into the site a few minutes later.

Over the next hour or so, he and his staff worked at creating a temporary restoration that would attach to the implant for the next few months.  When they handed her a mirror the tension left her body immediately.  Not only had our doctors placed an implant and given her a temporary restoration that didn’t have to come in and out of her mouth, but our staff had also managed to make the temporary restoration and the gums around it look like they had when she walked in the door.  As she got up to walk out, she gave our doctors and staff one of the greatest compliments they can receive – hugs!

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